Roberta Ungaro is a Milan-based fashion photographer. After graduating from Naba for Fashion Design, she assisted a range of photographers and than she moved to Iceland to do the most important experience in her life. Studying philosphy of story of arts and sociology of images, Roberta began to develop his own approach to photography playing with the light and with different energizes to produce different genres and applications of the camera.  She thinks that a photographer is the modern incarnation of all the speakers and his photography should be pure power, carnality and speed. A good photographer is recognized by his ability to use existing tools, so good to create something that does not exist.
Photography is like an empty stage where everyone can become someone and express something. She doesn’t believe in the naturalness of the moment: true passion is about to make it all to the spectator without even using a word.
Today Roberta collaborate with some of the most influence industry professionals, working on editorial and commercial areas.


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